EGGS – Children’s Picture Book

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Eggs is an imaginative children’s picture story book written in catchy rhyme. The plot entails six eggs who find themselves on a journey from chicken pen to fridge to plate and they all have their own unique dream of what they want to become. The protagonist, the villain and the supporting cast must navigate their way through the unpredictability of being in the dark and look within to find themselves.

A few reasons this book is so unique is because it refers to the unnamed characters by their ever-changing internal state and manages to represent cultural diversity. This tale alludes children to the morals of respecting others and embracing self belief. Offered up along side Eggs are free educational tools for teachers and parents who want to extend on the book in the classroom or at home.

BLURB                                                                                                                                        Six eggs each dream of being something different. But life in the cold, dark fridge is not all it’s cracked up to be and who they become on the inside will determine their destiny.

Book Meta Data

Title: Eggs
Author: EJ Carroll
Illustrator: Emmi Ojala
Publisher: Pose Publishing
Distributor: Ingram Book Company
ISBN: 978-0-9924447-0-9 (pbk)
Genre/Category: Children’s
Paperback: 28 pages